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Announcement of President Donald Inauguration

As you already know, the Sateur brand is a community of unique jewelry lovers who understand the meaning of standing out with high quality, affordable jewelry. Something new is happening at Sateur and it’s really important that you know about it as a full Sateur citizen. Today marks the official inauguration event of President Donald […]

7 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

7 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is often considered serious business, not just because of what it represents but also because of the financial investment that comes with buying a fine jewel ring. Thanks to the artificially-inflated price and enforced scarcity of diamond, most jewel stones have become pricey. Today, we now need tips to buy an […]

Satéur´s to launch new Story concept stores across Europe

At Satéur, we understand that the task we have undertaken requires strategic planning and flawless execution.  Our vision is to grow rapidly and expand our operations and supply to every corner of the globe. Mentioned in this article We hope to get Satéur into the fingers of as many women as possible. There is a […]

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