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Everything You Need to Know about a 2 Carat Diamond Ring

When it comes to diamonds, carat determines the quality and brilliance of the stone you buy. On average, 2 carat engagement rings are more brilliant than other lower carat stones. If you are hoping to go for a 2 carat diamond ring, there are several things you need to know about it so as to make the best buy decision possible. A 2 carat diamond ring is quite large which means there must be attention to details to avoid making mistakes.

2 carat diamond ring

First, there’s a need to choose a reputable jewelry brand, next you have to pick a diamond that fits your preference and finally a ring that goes perfectly with it. To be able to get the perfect 2 carat diamond, this post serves as a guide on everything you need to know about one.

Satéur Diamonds
What’s a 2 Carat Diamond?

A 2 carat diamond weighs 0.4 grams or 400 milligrams which is quite small but in diamond scale, it’s a weighty size. Carat is a measure of the weight of a diamond. 2 carat diamond rings are rare compared to other carats and aren’t always seen in local stores. Carat is also used to determine the price of diamond.

2 Carat Diamond Vs Size

Typically, a 2 Carat diamond has a size of 8.10 mm in diameter and come in different sizes. Pricing is pegged per carat which means the higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond is going to be. A 2 carat diamond ring price can be calculated by multiplying the price per carat by the actual carat of the gemstone for best results.

Diamond prices increases the heavier the weight category of the diamond. Categories actually determine increase in price. In addition to this, diamonds can be more expensive due to the emotions involved in buying high quality jewelry. If you’re looking to save money when shopping for a diamond ring, a lower carat might actually be the one for you.

A lot of people also confuse carat and size. These are actually 2 different things. Carat refers to the weight of a diamond, not its surface area or depth in a physical sense. Size concerns the physical appearance of a diamond in terms of measurement. A diamond might be physically large but it will be a low carat diamond.

Satéur Diamonds
How Much Is a 2 Carat Diamond?

Satéur Diamonds
Why a 2 Carat Diamond Ring is Much More Expensive than a 1 Carat Diamond

The reason for this is simply Carat size as already explained briefly. Carat has a lot of impact on the price of different diamond stones. Finding a sizable diamond piece to create a 2 carat diamond is rare compared to creating smaller diamond pieces like 0.5 and 1 carat stones.

When supply is low, demand increases and price increases with it. The price of a diamond increases exponentially as the carat increases. The higher the carat, the more costly a diamond ring is going to be.

For example, a 1 carat diamond ring priced $5,000 would will not reflect on a similar increase for a 2 carat diamond ring. Instead of $10,000, a 2 carat diamond ring would cost as high as $25,000 or more.

Satéur Diamonds
Where to Shop for the Best 2 Carat Diamond Rings

We will encourage shoppers to take their time to browse through different jewelry dealers online and offline. Whether you’re looking for a solitaire, a French pave, a halo, or a three-stone 2 Carat engagement ring, we are fairly confident that you’d find a 2 carat engagement ring that fits your style.

Other reputable diamond ring brands include Abe Mor Diamonds, Ritani, Bespoke Diamonds by Brian Gavin, etc. Feel to choose a custom design if this fits more than already-made diamond engagement rings.

Satéur Diamonds

If you’d rather love to save some money by getting a diamond alternative that looks as great as diamond but cost 1% of its price on average, we recommend the Satéur Princesse Ring™.

2 carat diamond ring

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