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Everything You Need to Know about a 1 Carat Diamond Ring

When you’re looking to buy an engagement ring for your partner, a 1 carat diamond engagement ring might just be the ideal choice to go for a good number of reasons. At the very least, you’d be getting a ring that gives you so much value for your money without being overly expensive.

1 carat diamond ring

Generally, diamond rings when bought from popular reputable brands can be flawlessly beautiful depending on the budget you can afford.

1 carat diamond rings represent the ideal in engagement ring jewelry – they’re neither too expensive nor too cheap. Typically, 1 carat diamond ring price would be around $1,500 to $8000 while its color, cut and design will vary greatly. Whatever your preference is, you can rest assured that you’d find some a 1 carat diamond ring that appeals to your senses. Options abound in both physical jewelry shops and online stores that sell quality jewelry.

In this guide, we have discussed in detail everything you need to know before you buy the best 1 carat engagement ring that your partner will fall even more in love with. It’s important to wear a diamond that feels right in all aspects. And a 1 carat diamond ring is a perfect fit for everyone in every way you look at it.

Satéur Diamonds
Cost of 1 Carat Diamond

Cost of a diamond is dependent on the 4Cs of diamond, which are namely Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat. By far, the Carat as a unit of measurement influences the price of diamond the most. 1 carat typically equals 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. Every diamond is measured and priced per carat.

If 1 carat of diamond is $1,500, the price would be 1 X $1500 = $1,500

Similarly, the price of 0.5 carat would be 0.5 X $1500 = $750

In general, 1 carat diamond ring price ranges from $1500 to $12,000 more or less. Other prevailing factors like Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat can influence its price. It’s important to do proper budgeting before shopping for a 1 carat engagement ring.

It’s also important to note that the 1 carat diamond ring price is dependent on how much a carat of diamond is going for at the point of purchase.

Size of 1 Carat Diamond

In terms of size, 1 carat diamond has an estimated size of 6.5mm in diameter. Generally, the shape of the diamond doesn’t matter as they are similar in surface area. Your 1 carat diamond ring can come in the following shapes – round, oval, marquise, pear, or princess.

If you are wondering if a 1 carat engagement ring would be enough to look great and draw attention as expected, you can rest assured that it would be the one of the stars of the show. This has been proven many times that the clarity and brilliance of a diamond stone is not about the physical size. Factors like carat, clarity and flawlessness contribute to this. 1 carat diamond might look small but it’s big enough for your needs. Your concern as a jewelry buyer should be about buying a diamond that’s flawless and well-cut so that you can enjoy more than enough value for your money.

As unbelievable as it may sound on paper, a brilliant 1 carat engagement ring will outshine a dull 2 carat diamond ring all the time. By all mean if a large rock is your thing, feel free to go for it but just know that the fire of a diamond isn’t dependent on size alone.

Like we stated earlier in this guide, there’s no such thing as “Carat Size”. Carat is different from Size but it takes a bit of explaining and understanding to know this simple fact. Diamond carat concerns to the weight of the diamond (the content). It has nothing to do with surface area. 1 carat diamond ring could be big or small depending on the size of the stone.

Size on the other hand refers to the visual look of the diamond stone. In this case, surface area and volume are elements that determine the size of a diamond. Diamonds of different shapes would have different sizes but still the same carat when measured.

Satéur Diamonds
Rating for 1 Carat Diamonds

Satéur Diamonds
Where to Purchase a 1 Carat Diamond

To buy a beautiful 1 carat diamond ring, you only need to visit a reputable online jeweler or physical store to get one. Many online stores have a wide array of 1 carat diamond stones with gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum bands. To sweeten it all, you’ll likely find a discount promotion going on to further reduce the price of any 1 carat diamond ring that you settle for.

Popular jewelry dealers like Ritani, Brian Gavin, James Allen and Blue Nile, and Leibish have tens of years of experience selling the best diamond products to diamond jewelry lovers. When you buy a diamond from anyone of these reputable dealers, you’d be getting a stone that comes with guarantees.

In essence, your purchase is protected so you have zero risk of loss. In most case, you’d be getting exactly what you ordered online or offline.

Alternatively, the Satéur brand offers a solution for diamond lovers looking to check out a diamond-substitute that costs less without compromising on brilliance and quality.

2 carat diamond ring

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