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How To Choose An Engagement Ring?

How to choose an engagement ring

The time has finally come to propose to your hearthrob and there’s need for a perfect engagement ring that will suit your style. As one of the remarkable and major moments of a person’s life, engagement rings should be special, therefore care must be taken to make the best decision possible.

There are several questions to ask yourself before deciding on an engagement ring. These questions concern the factors surrounding buying the most fitting ring. Would a diamond be appropriate or too expensive? Are there alternatives to diamond? How much budget should you have ready?

As much as style is important, knowing your budget is even more so. When shopping for an engagement ring, it’s necessary to know how much you’re willing to part with to get a suitable ring for that long-awaited wedding engagement.

Our Satéur™ brand collection offers a premium alternative to regular diamonds, same size, similarities, cut and brilliance at a far more affordable price. It’ll cost you 1% of the cost of 2 Carat diamond to own one of these beauties. You can check it out here: www.sateur.com/collections

In this post, we have discussed 5 different things to have in mind before making that investment in fine jewelry for your engagement!

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1.) The Stone

Knowing the type of stone you want on an engagement ring is an essential aspect to consider before picking one. If you prefer colorful stones, there are several options to meet this. For lovers of diamond, there are options as well.

For instance, at Satéur™, we create stones that meet your taste in diamond-level stones. Similar to diamond in all aspects but without the hefty price tag. Depending on your values and what you hold dear, knowing the type of stone that reflects your style is important before picking a ring.

2.) The Cut of the stone

The cut of the stone could also be referred to as the shape of the stone. It could be round, cushion, heart, marquise, pear, etc. Whichever shape appeals to your interest, it is certain you’ll find what you need because there are many cuts of fine gem stones available.

Our Satéur™ designs come in different cuts, whether you prefer an eternally-brilliant or boldly-flashing cut, we have something you’ll truly love. There are design options to choose from regarding your preferences, below is a link to one of our best engagement rings.

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3.) The Caratage

Before picking an engagement ring, it’s necessary to look at the caratage. Caratage is used to determine either the weight of the stone or the precious metal content of the metal body of the engagement ring.

Satéur™ makes rings that are equivalent to 2 carat diamond rings but at 1% of their cost. You” get the same clarity, quality, cut and design as you would love on an expensive diamond. There’s no difference to the naked eyes.

4.) The Settings of the ring

When choosing an engagement ring, consider the settings that appeals most to your personality. There’s the solitaire which refers to a single stone design, or the halo, which has a centre stone ringed by small stones  or even a 3-stone design, which refers to progress in life from the past, present and the future.

The settings of the ring plays a huge role on how the engagement ring will appear when worn on the finger. Should the stone stand out gaudily? Would you prefer if it was closer to your skin? Determine how you want it to look on your person based on your personality before reaching a decision.

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5.) The style of the ring

Do you prefer classic, vintage or modern design styles? It’s important to decide on an engagement ring that reflects your personal taste. The Satéur™ comes in different styles to fit your preferences. Take a look at our page to see what meets your needs here: www.sateur.com

The Satéur™ Mienne engagement ring is a design that fits most people’s taste. Considering the cut and it’s friendly pricing, the reason why isn’t far-fetched. It’ll cost you about 1% the price of a 2 carat diamond to own one of these beauties.

Whether you prefer a timeless design or a trendy one, the Satéur™ brand has what you require to represent your love, loyalty and committment to your intending spouse.

Visit us here: www.sateur.com

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