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6 Things to Know Before You Buy a Diamond Ring Online

diamond ring online


Buying an engagement ring is a daunting task, it’s even more so when you are attempting to buy a diamond ring online. The reason behind this isn’t exactly far-fetched – diamonds are heavily over-priced so it’s ideal to inspect such a costly purchase close up. Maybe hold and view the diamond close to the light to see for yourself if you’re getting the best diamond ring online. But then how can you be certain you have the right thing?

With tons of diamond look-alike gemstones online, it’s important to be careful before making a buying decision. In fact, it might be best to get an alternative diamond like a Satéur™ Destinee which looks and feels exactly like diamond without costing as much. A typical Satéur™ would cost you 1/10th of the price of an equivalent diamond.
When you shop an alternative diamond ring online, it saves you the risk of being scammed thinking you bought diamonds. You pay way less and still get something classy and elegant rather than pay a lot of money and still end up with something that isn’t diamond.

Though a lot of brands have made tremendous improvements to safeguard people who want to buy diamond rings online, it’s still important to do your due diligence. Online consultations, phone and video communications have been used to make the process transparent and flawless.

In this post, we have listed 6 things to know before you buy an engagement ring online.

Start shopping early?

With the way COVID-19 has caused a lot of restrictions worldwide, it’s important to start your shopping early. Whether you’re looking to buy a diamond ring online or to shop for some other gemstone ring for your engagement, shopping early means your order gets shipped on time. Jewelry brands try as much as possible to ship products on time but ordering early means faster waiting time.

Different countries have different protocols and restrictions in place which has made shipping times unpredictable than before. For instance, a brand like Satéur™ which creates the best alternative diamonds in the world, shipping is free when you order products above $100. It takes 7-12 business days for your order to get to you as each jewelry piece is custom made once an order is received.

Test before buying

Though not as popular as it sounds, some jewelry brands send replicas of any ring you’re looking to buy so you can test it first. This particular offer costs a bit of money but nothing too exorbitant. A buyer will have a chance to inspect the ring before mailing back with feedback. People who are looking to do a surprise proposal will benefit from this clever way of shopping for the best diamond rings online.

Go through the fine details

It’s easy to get carried away by the branding of a jeweler’s website or how beautiful the ring you’re buying is. A careless mistake while shopping can be quite tedious to correct. It’s important to read the jeweler’s fine print carefully to understand the exact product you’re going for and what’s involved.

No rush purchases if you’re looking to shop for an engagement ring, whether non-diamond or diamond ring online. Go for reputable brands that can stand by their policy. Check for terms and conditions including a return policy just to know where you stand. A top brand like Satéur™ provides a favorable return policy and as long as you’re eligible, items can be returned.

Check for secondary opinion

Just before you make a final decision on a ring of choice, seeking a secondary opinion might be beneficial. Most times, people want to keep the fact that they’re planning to propose a secret. However, it doesn’t hurt to run your choice of engagement ring by a few key people to get their opinion.

Ask a close friend, parent, sibling or someone close to you what they think about getting a particular style of engagement ring. A secondary opinion will help you get a ring that fits your partner’s preference and style better. The only factor that might be an issue is cost; the ring you want might cost a fortune. This is where ditching the idea of shopping for the best diamond ring online in favor of a Satéur™ will be your best bet.

Pick a style that fits your partner best

While looking to buy an engagement ring online, choose a style that fits your partner best. Most solitaire setting and a single gemstone held by prongs typically the ideal choice for most people. A solitaire is easier to rework the setting should that be a preference later on. If needed, you can customize your ring to fit any future preferences you may have.

Spend within your budget

On average, to buy a diamond ring online requires having a sizable budget because diamonds cost a fortune. It’s important to stick to your budget in order not to spend more than necessary. Fortunately, there are other options when it comes to alternative diamond rings.

An affordable, high quality option that can fit low budgets is the Satéur™ jewelry line. Rather than spend tens of thousands of dollars on a diamond engagement ring, a Satéur™ provides same value at 1% of the price of a regular diamond.

Though an engagement ring has to be of high quality, its price should be within your budget so it can be affordable. It should cost just enough to reflect your high level of commitment and value to your partner. We encourage shoppers to look out for rings with enough quality to last them a lifetime.

Final Word

When looking to buy a diamond ring online, doing your due diligence is important to avoid mistakes. Diamond alternative brands like Satéur™ have a wide range of options that offer you quality and elegance without costing a small fortune to own one.


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