9 Best Diamond Ring Alternatives For Your Wedding Proposal

When it comes to picking an engagement ring, diamonds have always been the ideal. The reason for this isn’t as far-fetched as you’d think. Diamonds are one of the strongest, naturally-occurring materials on earth and this strength perfectly symbolizes the commitment and effort required to build and maintain a marriage to the end of time.

diamond ring alternatives

As sweet as all this sounds, not everyone likes Diamond. For one they’re expensive and secondly, people simply love something different from the norm. If you’re one of those looking to propose with something different, you might want to consider a Diamond ring substitute that is just as delightful.

Diamond ring alternatives are just as great as Diamond rings too. It’s all about preference at the end of the day. Many great celebrities and royals actually prefer other diamond ring substitutes to diamond and you too can definitely toe this line confidently.

However, before deciding on a diamond ring alternative, it’s important to note that some rings in this category are not sturdy enough for everyday wear. Some alternative gemstones can lose their shine or color with age.

In addition to this, while diamond is colorless and can go with any outfit, diamond ring substitutes are usually colorful and are picky in terms of what you wear. Be sure to pick a gemstone that fits your style to a large extent. For instance, if you love wearing green, an emerald would fit better than a ruby.

In this post, we have listed 9 best diamond alternatives you can get for your wedding proposal.


This beautiful, sparkling gemstone is the closest to diamond in terms of durability and sparkle. But unlike diamond, it is not pricey and it’s lab-made which means you don’t need to be troubled about its history like diamond.

Moissanite is strong, brilliant and will last you through the years without costing you a fortune. It’s one of the best diamond alternative rings you’d find in the market


Emeralds are sparkling green stones that are cut to perfection to give your ring a unique look. If you’re looking to buy a diamond ring substitute, emerald rings are right there as an option.

They may not be as hard or tough as Diamond, but they look great and shine like brilliant green stars. You’d only need a bit of care to keep it in good shape and shine.


Rubies are stunning and eye catching red gemstones that will turn heads wherever you wear them to. Usually colored a deep pink or a brilliant red, Ruby gemstone rings are as durable and brilliant as most diamonds.

Its durability is certainly an advantage compared to other diamond ring substitute. Also, ruby gemstones are quite affordable but not as common which really makes you stand out when you wear one.


Final Word

diamond ring alternatives

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