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Engagement Rings vs Wedding Rings

Are you looking to shop for rings for your nuptial commitment? You may not know it but there are differences between an engagement ring and a wedding band. In this post, we have done justice to this topic to enlighten you on what you need to know to before shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands that fit together.

So let’s get started!.

engagement rings vs wedding rings

However, there is an unfortunate aspect to diamonds as well. It’s the fact that there has been much violence in obtaining diamond mines in various underdeveloped countries in the world. People have gone to war because of it too. There is no question that diamonds are exorbitant and have a lot of market value.

Satéur Diamonds
Difference between engagement ring vs wedding rings

An engagement ring is a ring that’s usually given during a wedding proposal when a man asks a woman to marry him and she accepts. This ring can be in any form and most usually have a stone or stones on them. Some engagement rings come with a diamond or some other expensive gemstone like the sparkling Satéur Stone. Basically, the engagement rings vs wedding rings debate has been on-going for a while and this post will enlighten you on a lot of things.

An engagement ring is typically worn by the bride-to-be to show that she has accepted her partner’s proposal. A wedding rings, on the other hand, is traditionally given to both partners at their wedding. If you’re wondering what the Satéur Stone is, it’s a sparkling gemstone from the Satéur jewelry brand. Created using an exclusive, innovative tech that’s never been known before, this jewelry collection cannot be differentiated from diamond with the naked eyes and has gone viral worldwide

For more information about Satéur, you can learn more in sections below.

Here’s a picture of what a Satéur engagement ring, the Pierre d’Amour Ring looks like.

The engagement ring of choice is often a design that the prospective partner would love so it’s important to something worthwhile. There are many engagement ring styles are available online to choose from. With Satéur, many stunning engagement ring designs are available for purchase with option to personalize further as you prefer. Engagement rings can be worn together with a wedding band as symbols of love and commitment but this isn’t mandatory.

Some engagement rings can also serve as a wedding ring depending on your preferences. At the end of the day, your choices are what matters when you’re looking to buy engagement rings and wedding bands that fit together.

Wedding rings are exchanged at the wedding ceremony to mark an eternal commitment to each other. It certifies the bonding between two individual from different worlds. Wedding rings or wedding bands (whichever you call it) are often of a simple design, either a plain style or a solitaire like the Satéur Destinee and other stunning wedding rings in the Satéur collection.

Alternatively, both rings can be bought together to make sure that they’re a good match. When bought as a pair like this, they can be called a Bridal Set. The reason behind this isn’t far-fetched, as the two different rings must fit and complement each other to be a pair. A Bridal Set can be bought separately as well but absolute care must be taken to ensure that both rings blend in perfectly.

Fitting together means that the metal colors will have to match, the band size would be the same and they would look great together in appearance. For instance, it can be white gold to white gold or yellow gold to yellow gold. Uniformity is important when buying a bridal set of engagement and wedding rings.Engagement rings and wedding bands that fit together

The standard is to wear the wedding band and the engagement rings together but many persons now prefer to wear single rings. As it stands, it’s a personal preference so it important to decide what you and your partner feel most comfortable with. Getting two rings (engagement rings and wedding bands that fit together) can be expensive when you’re on a budget. Therefore, if you’re looking to save money, a single ring will be more favorable.

For those who prefer wearing both rings, there’s a science to wearing them to fit together beautifully. Many jewelry brands will be eager to assist you get this matching request so you can get your gorgeous pair from them.

The factors to consider before choosing a Bridal Set of wedding and engagement rings are:
  • Style, concerns the design of the ring
  • Color, the color of the stone and the ring
  • Metal type, this could be yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, etc
  • Fit, basically refers to the fitting of the ring on the finger
  • Appearance, the look of the ring has to be one that appeals to you.

Satéur Diamonds
Engagement rings and wedding bands how to wear them

Pairing Solitaire Engagement Rings

Engagement Solitaire designs fit best with plain wedding bands. A solitaire ring will match the slender beauty of a plain wedding band. Test around with different designs to see what fits before making a buying decision.

Pairing a Bezel Engagement Ring

Bezel engagement rings vs wedding rings with a minimal design on them usually look better. The wedding sits flush on the bezel engagement ring to make a perfect pair to wear. It’s important to pick a wedding band that fits the metal design and thickness of the engagement ring.

Pairing Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings vs wedding rings with a stone-studded band make a great match than any other pairing. The gemstones in a halo engagement ring usually sit slightly higher, so it’s best to choose a thin wedding band with stone studding.

Pairing Vintage Engagement Rings

For antique engagement ring, it’s often best to pair it with a modern wedding ring design. The contrasting designs of both rings often form an eye-catching pair that’s delightful to an observer.

Mix it up as you like it

Sometimes, it’s just best to follow your heart when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands how to wear them. The important thing is to create a pairing that fits your personality and style. Feel free to mix it up any how you like it. There are pairs that look better than others but it’s still great to follow your preference.

Final Word

engagement rings vs wedding rings

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