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Satéur: Loved in
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Free Worldwide Delivery
with $100 Spend

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Satéur: Loved in
Over 150 Countries

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Big Milestone: 100 Million
Facebook Views

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100,000+ Happy
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Lifetime Satéur Care: Your Trust, Our Commitment.

At Satéur, our pride lies in the exceptional quality and artistry of our jewelry. Thus, we present the Lifetime Satéur Care – a testament to our dedication to you. Should you encounter any manufacturing defects, need resizing, or face wear-related concerns within 90 days of receiving your order, reach out to us. We’re always ready to assist.

For your Satéur Gems® or moissanite, know that they’re under our perpetual care. With Satéur®, the radiant allure of your gem remains undiminished, and our promise reflects that enduring sparkle.

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Below are details of the different packages you can choose from:

  • Lifetime Satéur Care
  • – Automatically included with every order.
  • – Offers assistance in repairing the Satéur Gems®.
  • – A nominal service fee for repairs: $39 for Satéur Gems®, Satéur Moissanite, and Satéur Color; $59 for Ultimate Satéur Gems®.
  • – Provides 90-day care for jewelry issues like manufacturing defects, resizing needs, or wear-related concerns.
  • – Note: This care package focuses on lifetime warranty for Satéur Gems® only, excluding the jewelry.
  • Lifetime Satéur Care+ 
  • – Available for an additional $79; can be availed within 90 days of your purchase.
  • – Extends protection to cover your complete order.
  • – Addresses any concerns with the gems, providing a direct replacement for your Satéur Gems® (jewelry excluded) – hassle-free and no questions asked.
  • – Guarantees a full year (365 days) of care for your purchase. This means that any manufacturing defect, resizing need, or wear issue with your jewelry will be covered for an entire year, as opposed to the 90 days in the standard package.

Remember, at Satéur, we’re committed to ensuring your gems maintain their radiant allure. With either care package, you’re securing the brilliance and longevity of your cherished Satéur Gems®.


To contact us, please send us an email at [email protected] with the following details to begin the claim process:

  • -Clear angles of the affected Satéur Gems®
  • -Your name, order number and email used when placing the order

When we have received this information and our team goes through it to check the condition of the Satéur Gems®, we will contact you with more information on next steps.


Please Pay Attention Carefully


It’s important to note that not all claims will be attributed to a manufacturing defect. Some common gems issues that are not considered manufacturing defects include but are not limited to the following:

  • Only Satéur Gems® is subject to the Lifetime Satéur Care, the jewelry is not included unless it’s a manufacturing defect, in which case we should be notified within 90 days.
  • Discoloration or fading due to exposure to swimming pools, hot tubs, bathing or harsh chemicals found in everyday products
  • Gems that are have worn out due to normal wear or other accidental damage
  • Gems falling out due to chipping, bent prongs, or misshape setting due to wear and tear
  • Please take note that our warranty doesn’t cover items that are stolen or lost

Kindly note that any maintenance, repair, resizing or other works done by anyone other than Satéur will void the warranty on the product.


Satéur’s Recommendation

Lifetime Satéur Care+


What is Satéur?

It’s Not Diamond. It’s Satéur™.
Thanks to innovative, state-of-the-art technology, when
you buy the Satéur™, you get a brilliant quality jewel that cannot be
differentiated from diamond.

Satéur Diamonds
Satéur Diamonds
I am so glad I found Satéur, it really looks identical to diamond! Now I know I can have as many diamond ring as I want, without worry about the cost at all!
Celine P.
Satéur Diamonds
I am not one to write reviews unless I am extremely impressed with a specific item. So, this tells a lot about my purchase. This ring is absolutely stunning.
Vinnie L.
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Welcome to Satéur – a revolution in the world of jewelry, where our mission is to bring happiness, love, and luxury to all. We’re a global brand that stands for affordable luxury, serving over 100,000 customers in 150 countries and gaining massive attention online.

With Satéur, you can experience luxury without breaking the bank. Our lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and Satéur Gems® shine just as brightly as traditionally expensive stones, but at a fraction of the price.

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