Moissanite vs Diamond vs Satéur™ Stone: Which One Should You Buy?

When it comes to shopping for precious stone, a degree of thought has to be commited to it to ensure the best possible engagement ring is purchased. You have to pick a stone that suits your lifestyle and calues. There are 3 stones that could be said to be on par when it comes to quality, clarity and design, namely: Moissanite, Diamond and the Satéur™ Stone. These 3 stones look similar but still have their differences; while some occur naturally, others are laboratory-made.

Moissanite vs Diamond vs Satéur™ Stone: Which One Should You Buy?

Which one should you buy of the three of them?

In this post, we will discuss the 3 stones, their qualities, advantages and ultimately pick one which we believe is the best choice considering all variables at stake. Of course, the final decision in picking a stone when shopping remains your decision.



Moissanite comes meteorite elements that fell to earth and as such, it’s quite rare to find. In fact, it’s rarer than diamond or the Satéur™ Stone and though it has same look as the two, it’s known to have a brighter sparkle and shine. Originally discovered by the Nobel prize-winning chemist, Dr Henri Moissan in 1893, Moissante makes an excellent stone for people who prefer gemstones they can be certain of their history ethically and socially.

Moissanite vs Diamond vs Satéur™ Stone: Which One Should You Buy?

Today, Moissante can be created in the lab using a process that replicates the natural process but in a shorter time. Lab-made Moissanite is as good as the organic one because in terms of composition, they have the same properties.

  1. Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamonds which makes it possible for it to sparkle with a greater brilliance.
  2. Moissanite is the 2nd hardest stone in the world after diamond.
  3. Moissanite is eco-friendly and has an ethical history making them more easily acceptable to many.
  4. Moissanite costs at least 50% less than actual diamond rings of the same size, cut and style.
  5. Moissanite shines brighter, than other stones and are very durable.

Diamonds are popular, naturally-occurring pieces of carbon compound in the earth that has aged over the years to become brightly-shinning, high-reflective stones. It comes in different colors, cut,clarity and carat.

Moissanite vs Diamond vs Satéur™ Stone: Which One Should You Buy?

Most people covert diamond not just because of its beauty or rarity but also because of the buzz around it. Diamond has a high sparkle and the second highest refractive index at around 2.4 which is less than that of Moissante.

The question about why diamond costs so much is based on perception marketing even though it’s a worthy stone given its quality. The major challenge faced by past and intending owners is hefty price tag, social responsibility and the ethical history associated with it. In recent times, people prefer knowing where their stone was harvested from and in what manner.

  1. Diamond are natural-occuring in the earth and the hardest known compound in the world.
  2. Diamond has a high brilliance and the second highest refractive index of about 2.4
  3. Diamond have imperfections called inclusions
  4. Diamond come in different colors, cut and carat weight which usually determines its worth
  5. Diamond is extremely durable and can last forever
Satéur Stone™
Moissanite vs Diamond vs Satéur™ Stone: Which One Should You Buy?
  1. Innovatively cut and crafted using exclusive technology
  2. Costs 1% the price of 2 carat diamonds
  3. Looks the same as diamonds to the naked eyes
  4. High grade color, cut, brilliance and size
  5. Has been purchased by over 70K customers
  6. Saves you from the pain of not being able to afford diamond

Final Word

Moissanite vs Diamond vs Satéur™ Stone: Which One Should You Buy?

Moissanite vs Diamond vs Satéur™ Stone: Which One Should You Buy?

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