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What You Must Know About the Best Fake Diamond Rings

Jewelry shoppers look to buy lookalike diamonds also known as diamond stimulants or fake diamonds due to different reasons. In our experience, the major reason for looking for the best fake diamond rings is affordable pricing.

diamond earrings

Real diamonds typically cost a small fortune to own one so it’s often best to buy the next best thing which is fake diamond. In some cases, the really beautiful and high quality ones cost way less than a diamond.

Satéur Diamonds
What Is a Fake Diamond?

A fake diamond is a stone that has a similar appearance to a diamond but is in truth made of a different material. Most fake diamonds are lab-made and do not occur naturally. A fake diamond or diamond stimulant or diamond substitute has the same gemological features of a natural diamond.

In fact, instead of looking for the best fake diamond brand, a non-diamond brand like Satéur™ offers a better option to engagement ring buyers. Satéur™ creates stunning gemstones that cannot be differentiated from diamond with naked eyes unless viewed with equipment. As a matter of fact, a trained jeweler cannot tell the difference between some diamond alternatives like Satéur™ Stone and real diamond.

As the name suggests, fake diamonds are not natural diamonds. Even the best fake diamonds are lab-made but look the same as diamond and cost less without any compromise on brilliance and beauty. Durability might be an issue though which is why proper vetting is necessary before getting a non-diamond gemstone. Satéur™ is highly recommended in this regard as it is way better than any diamond alternative currently in the market.

If it isn’t a stunning Satéur™, then you might just spend your hard earned money on an over-priced diamond.

Jewelry shoppers on a budget can actually save their hard earned money by going for diamond stimulants that offer the same high quality as diamond without the financial cost or ethical concerns surrounding real diamonds. The Satéur™ brand offers you more than even the best fake diamond brands in the market, or to use a better description, the best non-diamond jewelry brand in the world.

Take a look at the picture below, a Satéur™ Stone and a diamond. Can you tell the difference just by looking at them?

Satéur Diamonds
Different Alternative Diamonds

Let’s take a closer look at these alternative diamonds and see what makes each one unique:

Moissanite is one of the best fake diamonds that’s available in the market. It is made of silicon carbide and is almost as hard as most real diamond (while moissanite’s hardness is 9.5 on the Mohs scale, diamond’s has a hardness of 10).
Moissanite is also nearly colorless and resembles diamond especially when the stone is small sized. Unfortunately, Moissanite has a non-diamond like sparkle that has more color than white light.
Natural Moissanite is very rare and most Moissanite in the market place is lab-made. If you are looking for the best fake diamond ring, Moissanite might be the answer.

Cubic Zirconia
Cubic Zirconia a.k.a C.Z is one of the most commonly used materials to make fake diamonds. The best fake diamonds are lab made and Cubic Zirconia is one of the best ones. Also known as faux diamonds, Cubic Zirconia are also known to as fake diamonds, imitation diamonds, or simulated diamonds. It’s important to note that fake diamonds are not the same as synthetic or man-made diamonds because these ones have the same chemical composition as real diamonds.
Cubic Zirconia is actually popular because it sparkles beautifully and costs almost nothing to own one. Although it is very cheap, Cubic Zirconia is not entirely bad. It’s just not valuable enough especially when you have an option to buy a better engagement ring option. Its Mohs scale rating is 8-8.5 out of 10.
Satéur™ is a better option to choose rather than Cubic Zirconia. There’s the Satéur™ Stone with a Mohs scale of 8.8 and the Ultimate Satéur™ Stone which passes a diamond tester. Below is a picture of the exquisitely brilliant Satéur™ Lien d’Amour Ring™ (18K White Gold)

White Sapphire
White sapphire is another lovely gemstone that is used as a diamond substitute. Its appearance is similar to that of natural diamond and it has a hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs. In addition to its durability, white sapphire’s relative lack of color makes this stone one of the best fake diamond rings.

Satéur™ is a modern jewelry brand which has created the world’s best diamond simulant – the Satéur™ Stone. Satéur™ Stone is hard to differentiate from diamond with the naked eyes. It has similar quality, brilliance and elegance but at only 1% of the actual cost of diamond. Satéur™ engagement rings are the best simulated diamond rings in the market place right now, with many design options available for shopping. Rather than shop for a diamond stimulant from the best fake diamond brands, Satéur™ offers more elegant options that will deliver more value for your money.

Satéur Diamonds
What Defines the Best Fake Diamond?

The best fake diamond looks like a real diamond when looked at closely with the naked eyes and costs so much less. The best fake diamond rings are almost as hard as natural diamond, and they are also near-perfect clear and colorless but over time, durability and eternal brilliance would likely be an issue.

Satéur Diamonds
How Fake Diamonds Are Different from Synthetic Diamonds

It should be noted that fake diamond is different from synthetic diamonds. Unlike fake diamonds, synthetic diamonds have the same chemical composition as natural diamonds. The only difference between synthetic and natural diamonds is the fact that the former is lab-made while the latter is natural-occurring in the earth’s crust.

Satéur Diamonds
Where to Buy the Best Diamond Substitute?

For Satéur™, the only place to get this beautiful collection of sparkling, high quality rings is on the Satéur™ store.

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Satéur’s Best Selling Engagement Ring

Satéur Tri-pierre Ring™


What is Satéur?

It’s Not Diamond. It’s Satéur™.
Thanks to innovative, state-of-the-art technology, when
you buy the Satéur™, you get a brilliant quality jewel that cannot be
differentiated from diamond.

Satéur Diamonds
Satéur Diamonds
I am so glad I found Satéur, it really looks identical to diamond! Now I know I can have as many diamond ring as I want, without worry about the cost at all!
Celine P.
Satéur Diamonds
I am not one to write reviews unless I am extremely impressed with a specific item. So, this tells a lot about my purchase. This ring is absolutely stunning.
Vinnie L.
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Thanks to innovative, state-of-the-art technology, when you buy the Satéur™, you get a brilliant quality jewel that cannot be differentiated from diamond. A sparkling stone at a pocket-friendly price guaranteed not to burn a hole in your pocket! Now you can join the movement for the next generation of sparkling stone!

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