Why Cheap Engagement Rings Are Not Bad for You?

It’s a common belief that engagement rings have to be expensive for it to matter. In fact, a person who proposes with a cheap diamond ring is looked at in a sort of way. A lot of people have this belief subconsciously in them.

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In this post, we are looking to put it to rest for good. The truth is, everyone has priorities, and expensive doesn’t often mean valuable. In this sense, value is the worth you put on an item. Individuals who prefer to shop for cheap diamond rings online can actually have better marriages – the point is, the type of engagement ring used doesn’t determine marriage longevity which is what actually matters in the end.

We strongly believe that an engagement ring doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. When you buy a ring online, whether an affordable look-alike diamond or an expensive diamond or a cheap diamond ring online, what happens in your marriage bears little correlation.

In fact, there’s a higher chance that buying a cheap engagement ring might even fortify your marriage because it shows that your mind is focused on more serious things in your union.

It’s important to understand how expensive engagement rings came to be seen as the standard. Interestingly, it all started in the 1930s when diamond industry giants pushed a massive campaign painting diamonds as the only ideal gemstone to carry out a proposal.

Clever marketing, artificial scarcity, a fitting slogan plus other Machiavellian displays and here we are with the world believing that the most perfect way to propose to your partner is with a glittering diamond stone. In fact, it’s near impossible to find a cheap diamond ring price due to the effectiveness of this campaign. Fortunately, a lot more people are beginning to catch on that diamonds are not rare or as valuable as they’ve been painted to be. In fact, diamond substitutes and look-alikes do the job as well as any diamond without costing you a hefty sum!

For instance, a perfect alternative diamond brand is the Satéur™ brand which creates stunning high quality gemstones that don’t cost a fortune to own. Same quality as diamond, impossible to differentiate with the naked eyes, top rated with 1000 5-stars, Satéur™ is the new ideal when it comes to shopping for alternative diamond rings that are affordable to own.

If you are still reading this post, we expect that at this point, you might have seen some reasons why expensive might not be the best. Cheap alternative diamond rings and cheap diamond rings online might actually be your best bet when it comes to getting an engagement ring.

Below are some reasons why cheap engagement rings are great options to choose:

Cheap Can Mean A Stronger Bond

Some research has shown that couples who spend a lot of money on expensive diamond rings often have shabby marriages. There seems to be a connection to having a stronger focus on artificial, material things itself rather than the institution of marriage itself. One particular study even showed that couples spent a lot of cash on an engagement ring had a higher divorce rate. Spending a ton of money to bear the cost of a not-so-cheap diamond ring price isn’t a great way to start a marriage which often needs money.

Cheap Does Not Mean Not-Valuable
Pay attention to the return policy

To reduce cost, buy cheap diamond rings online or offline. Go for options that have precious metals like sterling silver plated in rhodium as they are known to last a very long time without tarnishing or causing burns on the skin. An expensive ring might not be the best-lasting one as accidents are known to happen.

Cheap Rings Can Be Beautiful Too
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