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Why You Should Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings

moissanite engagement rings


Are you considering purchasing a Moissanite engagement ring? If so, you’re in good company. Moissanite is a brilliant gemstone that is often mistaken for a diamond, even by experienced jewelers. In fact, Moissanite is one of three gemstones that have a very similar appearance to diamond, along with Cubic Zirconia and Satéur.

But what makes Moissanite such a great choice for an engagement ring? First and foremost, Moissanite is an affordable alternative to diamonds. It is also a tough and durable stone, making it a practical choice for everyday wear. Additionally, Moissanite is a unique and eye-catching choice for an engagement ring, as it comes in a variety of colors and grades.

Moissanite was first created in the lab by Charles Colvard in the 1990s, and has since become a popular choice for both fine jewelry and everyday pieces. Moissanite jewelry and gems are a great choice for those who are looking for an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diamonds.

If you’re considering a Moissanite engagement ring, be sure to consider the color grading of the stone, as well as the size and shape of the center stone. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Moissanite engagement ring to suit your style and budget.


Of all gemstones that have a resemblance to diamond, Moissanite is the closest in terms of hardness. On the Mohs scale, Moissanite has a hardness of 9.5 which makes it the second hardest gemstone in the world. What this means is that Moissanite is tough and durable; it wouldn’t scratch or break easily even with everyday use. If you’re looking to shop for an engagement ring that would stand the test of time.

without breaking or scratching, Moissanite engagement rings are the way to go. It can be worn daily just like diamond without any fear of scratch, losing its sparkle or breakage. Being hard and durable are top features of any engagement ring your partner would have to wear long into the future. Feel free to browse through different gemstone engagement rings to be certain that you pick a suitable one.

Flawless, precise cut

One of the stand-out features that really set Moissanite engagement rings apart is its flawless cut. A moissanite ring will shine brilliantly in any setting. Precise, sharp, balanced cut makes the Moissanite ring a jewelry piece that will enhance any wedding proposal. Flawless means that a typical Moissanite ring has no scratches, blemishes or inclusions on its body even when viewed under high magnification.

When a gemstone is flawless, it has a greater sparkle than normal. Moissanite rings will fit perfectly for any occasion or event. Regardless of your personal style, go ahead to order a Moissanite engagement ring online because it will blend perfectly with any dressing.

Color variety

Moissanite rings come in a variety of colors that you can choose from when shopping. By far, the best one is usually the colorless Moissanite stone which sparkles most brilliantly. Other color options include green, grey, and yellow Moissanite rings. The colorless variant is the most preferred and will look great long into the future.

If you’re looking to get an engagement ring of a different color, colored Moissanite engagement rings are stunning and will look great for the purpose you need them for. Other color gemstone options include ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine and opal.

Carat size

Moissanite rings are sold according to size. The bigger the size, the higher the carat will be and the smaller the size, the lower the carat. Unlike diamonds, Moissanite rings carat size is not dependent on weight.

When looking to purchase a moissanite ring online, it’s often best to choose what your intended fiancée would enjoy wearing. As someone you’ve been with for some time, it’s almost expected that you have a good knowledge of their personal style and dress sense. Big or small, your partner will love the feeling of you getting them a moissanite engagement ring online.

Unbelievable Clarity

Moissanite is lab-created which means it’s man-made. Therefore, it’s expected that there will be imperfections in its makeup. Mistakes are bound to happen during the creation process which is completely expected. However, the reputable makers of Moissanite rings only release perfect stones with flawless clarity to the public. Lab-made moissanite takes about 60-90 days to create it from pure silicon carbide.

Natural occurring moissanite stones are made from Meteorite. Interestingly, both types of moissanite are as rare as they come. Moissanite has an incredible level of clarity and brilliance and matches diamond in this regard. Fortunately, it costs way less than diamond which means your pocket will thank you for choosing a moissanite engagement ring.

Dispersion and Brilliance

Moissanite gemstones when set on engagement rings have exceedingly high dispersion ability. This means that moissanite throws a lot of light around just like diamond; in fact it’s higher than diamond. Dispersion is a gemstones ability to reflect and refract light. Moissanite has a high dispersion fire which means your moissanite ring will sparkle brilliantly for a long time to come.

Ethically acceptable and environmentally sustainable

Moissanite stones are either lab-made or extracted from meteorites and that means they’re quite rare. They’re also ethically made without any negative associations with conflict or suffering like in the case of diamonds. In addition to this, moissanite gemstones doesn’t affect the environment like other gemstones does during mining. If you’re shopping for a moissanite engagement ring online, you can live with the knowledge that the ring has no unhealthy history.

Affordable and budget-friendly

When you buy a moissanite ring online, you’d be saving a lot of money compared to if you bought a diamond ring which typically costs 90% more. If you’re looking to save money rather than spend much on an engagement ring, moissanite rings are beautiful rings which your intended would love.

With a bit of web search, jewelry shoppers can find a lot of stores that sell a stunning moissanite ring online at really affordable prices. Typically, any moissanite ring you buy would come branded and looking as beautiful as any diamond. And the fun part is that nobody can tell if it’s really diamond or not, at least visibly.

Final Word

If you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring, consider either a Moissanite ring or a Satéur Stone ring. Both of these gemstones have a similar appearance to diamonds and are just as durable and sparkling.

Satéur has recently launched their Moissanite line, providing top quality Moissanites at very affordable prices. Their Moissanites are forever Moissanites, with a 99.7% similarity to diamonds and a cost of only 1% of a diamond. Satéur offers the highest quality Moissanites in the top 0.1% range, making them suitable for daily use.

For a truly elegant and luxurious option, consider the Satéur Destinee Ring™ (18K White Gold). This stunning beauty is designed to fulfill your need for a high-quality engagement ring at a fraction of the cost of a diamond.

To learn more about Satéur’s Moissanite line and find the perfect Moissanite engagement ring, visit https://www.moissanitebysateur.com/.


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